Humanity is God's Idol

By idol I'm not implying what we think the word idol to be. God doesn't worship us like that... but I  believe that he loves humanity a great deal because we are an image of who He is. 

Jesus was the 'son of God' in the form of a man, not a crocodile, or a bird, but a man. To be Christian is to believe that Jesus is the way to having an eternal relationship with God. Maybe it also means that it is through Jesus God comes to have a relationship with humanity. 

Throughout time there has been many belief systems in worshiping various Gods in the form of idols. The Egyptians used to have statues of Gods in the temples whom they would dress, bath, cover with jewels, massage, and even bring food too. Although these statues didn't breathe our have life they believed that within the statue was the divine being of the God. But Jesus was real, he breathed, ate, slept, healed, bled... Jesus even felt pain, he was the son of God. 

Humanity is created to be Gods idols on earth. We are the idols living within this temple called earth. God chooses to manifest himself in flesh, in us. We are the divine images of God. We need to be God like in everything we do by the way we treat and talk to people, how we do things, by how we live our life.

If God is alive in us then we need to look after ourselves because we are looking after God as well.


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