We are send the following questions to a broad group of people. Below are 7 questions based around body image. We (my classmate Jasmine and I) are asking you to participate in this questionnaire for an International Studies look on Body Image. We want to get a personal outlook on how people feel about there body is society. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Kindest regards;

Nicole & Jasmine 

Questionnaire for International Studies on Body Image:

Name: Please put your name. If you don't want it to be shared please just type your name and then in brackets (private) and we will keep it confidential. 

Question #1: Describe how you feel about your body now. 

Question #2: Describe your ideal body and if you feel it’s attainable.

Question # 3: How many hours a week do you spend on physical activity and how would you rate the level of intensity?

Question # 4: What are your eating habits? How do you feel about them?

Question# 5: Have you always been in the shape that you are in presently?

Question # 6 : Do you feel you take exercise or diet measures to look certain way? What’s your motivation on wanting to look or eat a certain way?

Question # 7: Do you feel that it is necessary to a look a certain way to feel accepted in society? Do you feel beautiful? Please explain.

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