I feel like we could separate society into groups:

-A group that is actively involved and up to date with global issues
-A group that is aware of the issues and concerns, but tends to continue on in everyday rhythm
-A a group that is completely unaware of what is going on

I am going to admit that until now I have probably fit into the second group. Global issues are something I am aware of, and am passionate about but I tend to not step up and get involved. I feel I do this, because I don't know where to begin. I have strong opinions and care about the world so much I don't know where to focus my attention too. I  know the introduction course to International Studies is going to help me become more aware, enable me to step up and begin to see what it really is that I want to focus my attention on.
In today's class we talked about the: "Millennium Development Goals for 2015." If you type in the following link you can check them out: http://www.beta.undp.org/undp/en/home/mdgoverview.html

The question is: Do we think that this is possible?
Although there has been a lot of progress in these steps we are already in the year 2011 and still quite far from reaching these goals. How are we to reach these goals though if a majority of the people (such as group number three) have no idea what is going on!?!
Its like if you knew what they used to make a hamburger patty at McDonalds in the US you may think twice about eating it. This won't change until the consumer speaks up and demands changes in the product. It is because of the consumers that McDonalds makes billions of dollars all over the world (even Fiji)!!! So why bother if the consumer is going to continue to buy the product?
I feel that we need to make our society more aware of global Issues. Not just through the news, and the internet, but in everyday life. Through education in the schools and at home, within communities, churches, and so on. Are we prepared to handle a crisis?
And as Christians... are we prepared? Is our churches?


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