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So I finally just ate after 36hours of fasting. I woke up at 6am and made a delicious healthy breakfast, of oats, dried cranberries, cinnamon, flax, homemade museli, and hot milk. It was so very tasty!! It was hard this time to fast, I found that I was really hungry, and my belly was hurting. But I did it and I stood for a good cause and I am proud. This was the first time I fasted spiritually in my adult life and it was amazing. Although I was so tired and hungry yesterday, I had so much energy and I felt this strong presence of God the whole day. Thank you Lord for giving me the strength, and for reminding me that it is you that gives us meaning in life. 

Much Love;
Nikki xox

07/14/2012 19:37

Thank you for details


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